Business Entities

Business Entities

Depending on the type of business you are establishing and/or the product, or service you are offering, there may be a variety of business entities that will work for you.

For example:
A business owner working out of the home who does not have any employees may choose to establish a sole proprietorship. This is the best structure for the business that he or she is running. However, a larger business that has several employees will probably want to protect some of the business’ assets by creating a corporation, which can be either a C Corporation or an S Corporation: Each of which has its own functions designed to benefit the company. Other options include Non-Profit Corporations or Limited Liability Companies (LLC). The one that is right for your business depends on your specific needs.

Whatever your legal needs, we are here to assist you with reaching your goals.

Some of our services include:

  • Employment Agreements
  • Corporate Record Compliance and Maintenance
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Document Preparation

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