Video FAQ

Family First Act Impact on Employers due to the extension of medical and family leave

The Difference between Furlough and a Layoff

Force Majeure Clause Explained

Frustration of Purpose and Impossibility/Impracticability of Purpose

Approaching concerns with ability to pay your Commercial Lease

Establishing a Family First Company Policy to COVID related employee leave request

Landlord & Tenant

How bad faith is triggered in the return of your security deposit.

If your security deposit has not been returned within the statutory time frame of 30 days then the landlord is found to have operated in bad faith. Let’s explore what that means for both tenants and landlords.

When Does the clock begin to run for the return on your security deposit

If you are looking for the return of your security deposit then take note of some important requirements for the clock to begin to countdown.

When is the lease termination date?

Lease termination dates usually require written notice, even when you are moving at the end of your lease. Here we review what triggers your lease termination and how to make sure you do not have to extend your lease.

Estate Planning

What assets are outside of probate

Why is an Estate Plan Important?

When you die without a will