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Reduce your business’s risk. Explore your opportunities to increase profits. The Curry Law Firm can be your guide through customized legal strategies.

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You Shouldn’t Have to Go Through This Alone

You are confused by the legalities of opening up a new business. The planning process is overwhelming, your finances need work, your management process are lacking or nonexistent, and you have so many unanswered questions, like:

  • What type of entity is best for my business launch and growth?
  • What if I need to make changes later on?
  • Who will my business go to if I die?
  • What goes into a good business plan?
  • How do I manage my business finances?
  • How do I handle real estate issues?

How The Curry Law Firm Could Help Your Business

You thought you could handle everything that goes into building and maintaining a strong business. But now you feel like you’re in over your head. Don’t let big opportunities pass you by because your business foundation is lacking the support it needs.

Breathe easier with a trusted business lawyer by your side. Here’s how.

Business Owners
Helping Business Owners

You don’t need an arrogant attorney who looks through you instead of talking to you. We’re small business owners like you—we just also have extensive business law education and experience. We consider ourselves partners in your entrepreneurial journey.

Dedication and Experience

Time is money, as any business owner knows. And you need a lawyer who is dedicated to helping your business succeed. We understand how valuable your business is to you.

A Community-First Approach

You aren’t just another business to us. You’re a part of the community, just like we are. We are committed to giving back to our community and regularly take on pro-bono clients in need.

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    Business Dispute Resolution Process in Houston


    Building Your Case

    Business must go on, despite your legal dispute. Your business lawyer can review important records to build your case while you focus on keeping your business afloat.


    Negotiating the Business Dispute

    Working with you, we’ll negotiate in the hopes of resolving these matters outside of court.


    Mediation and Court

    If going to court is the best way to make sure you aren’t taken advantage of, we have the experience you need to win.


    Legal Advice from Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs Like You

    At The Curry Law Firm, we partner with our clients to plan strategic, management, and financial business operations in addition to entrepreneurial, real estate, or other small business litigation matters. We currently serve businesses and entrepreneurs in the state of Texas.

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    Quote what our clients say

    "I contacted Ms. Curry and she was so professional from the beginning. Very caring and was amazing at follow up. Ms. Curry is very knowledgeable of the Law. Ms. Curry handled a civil case for me and I can tell you I have never in my Life met an Attorney that cared so much for her clients."


    "Lawsuits are so prevalent in today’s world, but having legal up-to-date advice is like adding a solution before you have a problem. The Curry Law Firm offers precision law expertise. Their dedication and ethical standards toward your project is invaluable. Whether this law firm works with you on your small business needs, commercial real estate needs or consulting as a legal project manager, their knowledge guides and rails your business into more profit and less stress."


    "The Curry Law Firm have become an essential part of our business process because Ms. Eleanor Curry delivers incredible expertise with careful considerations of your goals, and what outcomes are most beneficial to the client. I have peace of mind when I work with the Curry Law Firm."


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