Conditional Inheritance through Wills and Trusts

By: Kyra Coffey, Esq. Many people often wonder what kind of guidelines and stipulations they can include in their will and trust. While it is the court’s objective to carry out the wishes and intent of a testator (person who made a will) or a settlor (person who made a trust), there are some conditional [..]

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Estate Planning Needs in the Midst of COVID-19

By: Kyra Coffey, Esq. Estate planning is always important, but a global pandemic definitely accelerates the need to have one today. COVID-19 has forced us to face the reality of our own mortality and consider several “what ifs” that were previously never considered, or just situations that nobody ever likes to think or talk about. [..]

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COVID-19 and Contractual Obligations : Tips for Managing Risk and Liabilities during a Viral Pandemic

By: Kyra Coffey, Esq. As the world adjust to the outbreak of the new COVID-19 virus, businesses and individuals have been and will continue to be impacted. From production to performance, many companies have become unable to fulfill contractual obligations, as a result of supply shortage, city closures, and lack of labor due to safety [..]

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