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Texas real estate law is vast, leaving substantial room for error. Fight to protect your rights as a buyer or seller. You and your case are our Houston real estate attorney’s top priority.


Houston Real Estate Transactions Holding You Back?

Real estate transactions of any kind can be difficult to understand, and you may be feeling confused or unsure of what the documents you’re signing entail. The following are some of the more common real estate transactions you may need help with:

  • Real estate purchase
  • Real estate sale
  • Leasing negotiations
  • Leasing agreements
  • Lien removal
  • Owner financing
  • Mortgage assumption
  • Like-property exchanges
  • Real estate owned/bank owned transactions

When You Have Commercial or Residential Real Estate Problems, You Need Results-Driven Solutions

The residential and commercial real estate buying and selling processes can be stressful and inconvenient. Having a knowledgeable real estate lawyer on your side can ease some of this burden and ensure that you won’t be taken advantage of. We have solutions to many real estate transaction concerns, including:

Commercial Lease Review

Residential Lease Review

Landlord Rights

Tenant Rights

Real Estate Disputes

How a Real Estate Lawyer in Houston Will Advocate for Your Rights

Preparing Custom Documents

Thinking of using a free online template for your real estate docs? Get ready for a headache. Houston real estate attorneys can draw up custom documents that are specially formulated to suit your individual needs.

Resolution of Real Estate Disputes

If you’re dealing with breach of contract, insurance or title issues, or even fraud, you could wind up in serious legal trouble. Our real estate lawyers in Houston are prepared to find solutions and help you clear up complicated real estate disputes.

A Thorough Contract Reviews Process

You’d be surprised how common bad deals are in real estate transactions. Don’t let an illegitimate real estate deal cost you. Our thorough contract review process will ensure you avoid being taken advantage of.


“I contacted Ms. Curry and she was so professional from the beginning. Very caring and was amazing at follow up. Ms. Curry is very knowledgeable of the Law. Ms. Curry handled a civil case for me and I can tell you I have never in my Life met an Attorney that cared so much for her clients.”


Get the qualified and experienced help you need to make smart real estate decisions. The Curry Law Firm is here for you.

Answers to Your Biggest Houston Real Estate Questions

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused by all of the red tape and complicated documents and paperwork associated with your real estate transaction, you aren’t alone. To ease some of your worries, we have included a brief FAQ below providing the answers to buyers’ and sellers’ top questions.

Can a real estate lawyer in Houston help me with commercial banking?

Absolutely. A Houston commercial real estate lawyer could help you secure a commercial loan, open up a line of credit, invest in real estate securities, and even start up your own business.

What are some common issues I could run into with my residential real estate agreement?

Did you know that our lawyers are also real estate agents, too? Our team has firsthand experience dealing with many common residential real estate agreement issues, including contract dispute and lack of communication.

How can a real estate lawyer help with the sale or purchase of real estate in Houston?

A well-rounded foundation of experience in all aspects of the real estate industry is essential in a quality real estate lawyer. Yours should give you confidence that your contracts are in order and be ready to help you deal with any disputes along the way.

When a real estate dispute arises, is litigation the only way to resolve it?

If the thought of going to court is giving you a headache, you can breathe easier. Many real estate disputes can be resolved in mediation. But we’ll aggressively pursue litigation if it becomes necessary to win your case.

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