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Complexities of Estate Planning: How an Estate Lawyer in Houston Can Protect You and Your Family

If you’re starting to plan your estate, you may already find that your head is swimming with information. Get help making sense of it all. An estate lawyer in Houston can assist you in understanding and planning every component of your estate.

Directives and Medical Power of Attorney

If you’re unable to make medical decisions on your own, your estate should include advanced directives and a medical power of attorney. It should describe your health wishes should you become incapacitated and name a power of attorney who is authorized to make decisions for you.

Special Purpose Trusts

Trusts can be some of the more complex aspects of estate planning. The Curry Law Firm’s estate planning services are designed with your family’s specific needs in mind.

Wills and Living Wills

A living will is essentially your advanced directive. But your last will and testament is your opportunity to express your wishes upon your passing. It’s up to your lawyer to ensure that the distribution of your assets and appointment of guardians are clearly outlined in your will.

Financial Power of Attorney

What will you do if you are no longer able to make decisions regarding your own money? Having a financial power of attorney protects you from being taken advantage of when you are no longer capable of making such decisions.

Aspects of a Strong Estate Plan

As small business owners and entrepreneurs, we understand firsthand how important it is that you protect your family in the event that anything happens to you. Make sure your estate plan is strong by including all of the necessary elements:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Advanced Medical Directive
  • Guardianship and Beneficiary Designation

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Estate Planning Worries in Houston? Get Answers You Need from Professionals You Can Trust

Imagining what life will be like for your family and loved ones when you are gone is a sobering but necessary part of life. Below are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions people like you have had when starting to plan their estate.

What happens if you die without a will?

Texas intestacy laws say that if you die without a will, your estate is automatically entered into the probate process. Your beneficiaries will need to show the court that they are entitled to fair distribution of your assets. An estate lawyer assisting in the development of your will could save your family up to two years worth of probate court hassles.

Do beneficiaries have rights?

The purpose of your will is to protect your loved ones. This means that your beneficiaries will have rights. They can make inquiries about how your estate is being distributed and file suits and complaints about how the estate is being executed. Your estate lawyer should anticipate any infringement on these rights and help you plan for them accordingly.

What is probate? Will it affect my will?

When a person dies without having transferred ownership of their assets or property, the estate must go through probate court. This process involves settling old debts, gathering assets, and distributing them fairly and reasonably. If you don’t set up a trust or survivorship in place, you should expect your estate to go through probate.

Don’t leave your legacy up to chance. Enlist the help of a dedicated estate lawyer in Houston.

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