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No one knows small business like a small business. The Curry Law Firm offers firsthand, practical application of business theory, corporate structures, and legal strategy.


Operating a Business in Texas? You Need a Lawyer Who Understands the Challenges and Burdens That Fall on Entrepreneurs

When you’re opening up your business in Texas, the endless amounts of paperwork, contracts to review, business planning, and corporate strategizing can give you a headache. Your business lawyer can help with all aspects of business formation and succession, including the following legal matters:

All About Contracts

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the contracts you need to operate a business in the United States successfully. Employment agreements, nondisclosures, and intellectual property agreements are a few of the types of contracts that companies may require legal advice for. The legal knowledge and experience our lawyers bring to the table can help.

Business Transactions

Every cent spent on your business is a business transaction. Your business lawyer in Houston can help your companies manage these transactions so you don’t wind up in serious financial trouble or litigation.

Lease Agreements

Property owners renting space to a small business, and small business owners looking to rent a space or office, should always have lease agreements formulated and reviewed by a business lawyer with relevant experience with this type of transaction.

Business Dissolution

As an entrepreneur, you know that not all business ventures will thrive in the United States. You may have to shut down for any number of reasons. Work through the red tape and resolve each issue with the help of a like-minded small business owner and attorney at The Curry Law Firm.

Business Formation and Succession Help

When you’re opening up your business, the endless amounts of paperwork, contracts to review, business planning, and strategizing can give you a headache. Our business lawyers can help with all aspects of business formation and succession and can be employed for any of the following legal services:

  • Drafting partnership agreements for companies
  • Selecting your business entity
  • Reviewing tax, startup, and business liability costs in Texas
  • Business formation and registering your business with the state of Texas
  • Securing all necessary Texas and Houston permits and licenses
  • Identifying a successor
  • Developing a buy-sell agreement
  • Formalizing your business standard operating procedures (SOPS)
  • Valuation of your business
  • Determining how your succession will be funded

Your small business is what our whole business is about. From contracts to dissolutions, our lawyers are here for you and will provide the legal service you need.


“I contacted Ms. Curry and she was so professional from the beginning. Very caring and was amazing at follow up. Ms. Curry is very knowledgeable of the Law. Ms. Curry handled a civil case for me and I can tell you I have never in my Life met an Attorney that cared so much for her clients.”


“Lawsuits are so prevalent in today’s world, but having legal up-to-date advice is like adding a solution before you have a problem. The Curry Law Firm offers precision law expertise. Their dedication and ethical standards toward your project is invaluable. Whether this law firm works with you on your small business needs, commercial real estate needs or consulting as a legal project manager, their knowledge guides and rails your business into more profit and less stress.”


“The Curry Law Firm have become an essential part of our business process because Ms. Eleanor Curry delivers incredible expertise with careful considerations of your goals, and what outcomes are most beneficial to the client. I have peace of mind when I work with the Curry Law Firm.”


How Our Houston Business Attorneys Can Help You Resolve Business Disputes

Financial Planning

Having a strong financial plan in place can serve to protect your companies from a wide variety of financially based business disputes and litigation, including breach of contract, fraud, and misrepresentation.

Business Management

Any type of dispute or issue within your business should have a well-thought-out business management plan in place. This can help better prepare your business for any potential conflict it might experience.

Your Business Strategy

Your business strategy includes every facet of your small business. A strong business strategy will have a contingency plan ready should a dispute occur or business litigation arise.

Answers to Your Top Houston Business Law Questions

Seasoned entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate executives, and small businesses just starting out will all likely have hurdles to overcome if they hope to find success in the Texas business landscape. Check out the quick FAQ below addressing some of the more common questions business owners like you have had for our lawyers regarding their businesses.

How can I protect my personal assets and estate from creditors?

Choosing the right business entity at formation, whether that be a limited liability company or limited partnership, and developing a complex business structure can go a long way in protecting your assets and estate from creditors.

Do I need a lawyer to form my business?

No, you are under no legal obligation to get a lawyer for the formation of your business in Texas. But The Curry Law Firm’s expertise and experience in operating small businesses and following our own entrepreneurial spirit can provide you with all the legal help you’ll need along the way.

What type of business entity should I form?

There are many factors that should be taken into consideration before deciding which business entity is right for you. If your head is already spinning with thoughts of sole proprietorships and limited liability corporations, your business lawyer can offer the clarity your companies need to make sense of these matters.

What are the costs of hiring a business lawyer?

Your finances play an integral role in how you budget, run your business, and live your life. However, business law cases can be complex, so the lawyers in our office will need to closely review your circumstances before we can discuss the costs of retaining a lawyer for representation.

Get Help from a Business Lawyer in Houston

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