Contracts are designed to protect your interests, let us help you explore your options and protect your rights should a dispute arise.

Breach of Contract:
While many breach of contract claims are resolved through negotiation or mediation, having representation through a reputable law firm that will not hesitate to pursue litigation (when necessary) helps clients feel confident. If you are in the middle of a contract dispute, contact our office today to attain legal counsel.

When all terms of a contract are not honored, a breach has occurred and a lawyer who is well-versed in business law needs to review the situation. While there is times when the breach is obvious, other times great effort is required to prove that contractual duties were breached. This holds true especially when it involves the quality of service, materials or completing a project in a timely fashion.

Review of Leases and Current Contracts:

After signing a lease or contract, it becomes a legally binding document. If you violate this document, you are putting yourself at risk for a lawsuit: Violating this binding document is considered a breach of contract. If the lease or contract relates to your business, you could suffer major financial losses, sever business ties as well as damage the reputation of your company: Taking these issues into consideration, hiring a business law attorney to review leases and current contracts may be extremely beneficial for the health of your business.

At The Curry Law Firm, we work diligently to protect the interests of your business in Houston.

Here are a few examples of the contracts we frequently review:

  • Partnership Contracts
  • Employment Contracts
  • Non-Compete and Confidentiality Contracts

We also review a variety of other documents related to company policies and business transactions.

Employee Contracts

The success of any business requires well-versed, thorough, yet easy-to-understand, employment contracts. Furthermore, any business with employees needs to protect its interests and rights without infringing upon the employee’s rights: This can be accomplished with an employee contract.

Employee contracts typically outline all the financial aspects related to the working relationship, including:

  • pay scale;
  • term of employment;
  • employee’s ability to work for a competitor at a later date;
  • a schedule review;
  • compensation package in the event of termination; as well as
  • the conditions under which termination is possible.

Some of the other popular requirements added to employee contracts include random drug testing and non-disclosure clauses. As the employer, you need loyal, productive and skilled employees. You can secure individuals who offer these qualities with a well-written employee contract: Thus, weeding out those applicants who are less desirable. At The Curry Law Firm, we will review your employee agreements to ensure that the employment contracts you are using are legally sound and supporting your desire to find quality help. We can also craft you an employment contract that is tailored to fit your business’ specific needs.

Confidentiality and Non-Compete Contracts

A business’ method of manufacturing, sales and/or marketing may provide it with an edge over the competition. If you have highly propriety business information, it is vital that you protect yourself to ensure that this information is not used or distributed by others without your consent. At The Curry Law Firm, we can provide you with the legal advice, information and custom-made confidentiality, and/or non-compete contracts you need to safeguard your information.

The majority of small- to medium-sized businesses usually have several points covered in their contracts:

  • Safeguarding information related to their customers, clients or patients.
  • Protecting their trade secrets.
  • Maintaining valuable professional or confidential business information.
  • Protecting propriety information.
  • Trademarking valued business information.

The Curry Law Firm can determine how effective a contract will be for your business. We will advise you as to the most legally sound and cost-effective confidentiality and non-compete contracts for your business.