Mariam Siddiqui, Paralegal and Legal Assistant

AboutMariam Siddiqui

Real Estate & Transactional Attorney
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I contacted Ms. Curry and she was so professional from the beginning. Very caring and was amazing at follow up.

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The Curry Law Firm offers precision law expertise.

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I have peace of mind when I work with the Curry Law Firm.

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When it comes to professionalism, accountability and down right knowing her stuff, Eleanor has been exceptional in our work together.

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This is one of the best law firms that I’ve had the opportunity to do business with.

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After choosing the Curry Law Firm, I have no regrets.

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Thank you for a job well done and helping to ease my mind through the process.

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I’ve had the pleasure to have this firm represent me on several legal matters, and was pleased with the attention to detail given on each case. You will not be disappointed.